Kopšanas instrukcija MiLovey

MiLovey products are made from extremely soft, breathable bamboo viscose and a mix of bamboo viscose and cotton textiles. To preserve the best qualities of fabrics and make them even softer after each wash, we highly recommend you to read care instructions.


How to wash?

Wash in cold water (machine wash 30 degrees) and chose the gentle wash cycle with like colors clothing. Fabrics can be weakened by chlorine bleach and softeners, so we recommend avoiding them.


How to dry?

MiLovey products can be air dried flat or hanged out to dry on an indoor folding rack, or outdoor clotheslines for best results. High temperatures in a dryer can shrink fabrics. If quicker drying is needed, use the low heat cycle of the dryer and remove the fabric while still slightly damp.


How to iron?

IRONING IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Extremely high temperatures when ironing can scorch bamboo fibers.